World Famous Chefs Are Touching Lives At The Olympics. It’s Heart-Melting!

Now that the Olympics are underway, both those watching from the stands and the athletes are taking a lot of meals. It has been reported that Michael Phelps alone consumes one pound of pasta once he completes a swimming match. That means a lot of food in being wasted in Rio.

David Hertz, a Brazilian chef and Massimo Bottura, another famous chef from Italy have certainly noticed that. With the leftovers from the Olympics, they are able to prepare food that they give out to the homeless. They have a target of producing 5,000 meals in a single day to feed people with what could have been thrown away.

Refettorio Ambrosiano is a similar initiative whereby 65 chefs from different parts of the world joined forces to feed the homeless. That is where these two chefs got their inspiration from.

While reporting to The Independent, Hertz said their ingredients are mainly that food which will end up being wasted. Things life vegetables, ugly fruits, or yogurt which will end up as a waste if not consumed within two days. By proving access to food, they are fighting hunger.

They plan to go on with their project even when the games are over. They will also provide vocational training to those who earn low incomes within Rio.

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