Worse Conditions Made These Bears To Beg. When They Were Freed? WOW!

Bears are animals who have the habit of being the forest leaders if allowed to live freely in the world. Although they are huge creatures who should be feared to a certain point, they are also respected a lot. But because we humans are stubborn to the environment, we have gone ahead to destroy them.

The bears in the clip below were once captured from the wild and brought to live in very unfavorable conditions.  Actually, they were forced to reside in concrete pits that had worse conditions for any living thing to survive in. luckily, PETA intervened and freed them from this hostile condition.

While living in the concrete pits, these bears had no place to find food and that made them beggars, and could beg tourists for something to eat. Those tourists who would have mercy on them would offer them apples.

Worse still, the female bears were bred for reproduction purposes, and once they gave birth to babies, they would be forcefully separated from them, luckily PETA finally stopped that, by rescuing them and taking them to an animal shelter where each and every bear was given a den to live in and also they were provided with a large space at a field where they can take a walk.

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