Yearly, Many Drive To Route 66, But A Few Know The Reason Why. Discover The Secret!

Everyone loves some good music, and that’s a fact. It’s even lovelier when you’re on a nice road trip and then some music just comes on and fills your soul with feelings of patriotism. But what if the road itself starts singing for you? Fiction? Nah!

It’s actually something that happens along this popular route heading down to New Mexico. When you’re on route 66 and you get to Tijeras, some good things start happening. The National Geographic Channel decided to create this great gift to massage the hearts of the people travelling down this route. And the trick is simple!

To get the music turned on, you just need to get your car cruising at 45 mph or more, and that’s it. Just in time, “America The Great” starts playing as you watch the beautiful scenery of the land. It’s magical, really. It’s as if the car tires are the pin and the road the vinyl. You must love that kind of thing!

Check out the video and witness this lovely gift. If you love it, drop us a comment and tell us about it, and also SHARE the clip with your friends. Nice!

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