You Now Have A Nice, Unspoken Way Of Thanking Our Army Veterans. This Is So Wow!

Ask the United States Census Bureau, and they’ll tell that as at 2014, the US has close to 20 million people as military veterans. These people need love and care. Some of them suffer from PSTD, and that makes it hard for them to fit back into the society when nobody cares about them. You need to care!

I don’t know about you, but I’m always thanking our military veterans whenever I bump into one. Sometimes I invite my veteran neighbor for some coffee and a beef roast. I feel good about it. But to some people, that could be difficult, and that’s why this new way is going to interest you. Stay here!

So Wal-Mart has sponsored an awareness campaign via Greenlight A Vet, whereby people switch on some green bulbs in their homes to show support for the veterans. It’s really nice, considering that the green color represents a go-ahead, acceptance and health. In the video, a veteran, Lourdes Gonzalez, is talking about it.

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