You Want To See Why These Judges Went To War For This Woman – Watch!

It’s never an easy thing getting to land a good spot in a singing competition, most especially if the platform happens to be a popular thing like The Voice. You’ve to be extraordinary to catch anyone’s eye, let alone the judges’. Now you can imagine what this lady must have been like to capture the judges’ attention. They went to war!

For Casi Joy, singing wasn’t just about being popular or getting people to clap. It was her passion that she loved so much that she would do anything to “make it.” In that sense, Casi wasn’t in the mood to waste a good shot when she landed a chance to do a blind audition for The Voice. You’re about to fall in love with a stranger!

So Casi took to the stage and got ready to belt out the lyrics to “Blue.” By the time she was through with it, the judges were fighting! You must want to see what’s really going on here. She’s so perfect!

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