You Will Absolutely Love To Go To Germany Just To Get On This Ride.. What A Fun!

I would say something else, but we both know just how much love we have for roller coasters. For that reason, this video is going viral at a good rate, and you might want what this is all about.

To start with, you agree that a perfect amusement park must have something special, something like a roller coaster machine that spins and whirls your world around and almost blows your brains away. That’s what you look for, and Phantasiland happens to be the place to give you that. Now, this amusement park is located in Bruhl, Germany, and it boasts the Talocan, a really great machine that’s been keeping visitors all joyful since 1997.

To make for a nicer story, the Talocan gets its good historical inspiration from an ancient Aztec god called Tlaloc, and you want to get the story behind it all.

Just check out this cool video and witness this popular spectacle. It’s so awesome you’ll want your friends to know about it. Be sure to SHARE this on Facebook and also drop a comment in the comments section. It’s great!


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