You Won’t Believe What These People Do To The Dead Every 3 Years!

When one passes away, they’re buried, and that’s it. But for these people, death can’t really separate them from their loved ones. You won’t believe why!

This is about the Torajan funeral that live in the Indonesian mountains. Now, this community wasn’t influenced by any touch of modernity until he Dutch missionaries arrived there in the 1970s. That may explain why they still keep this strange tradition of grooming the dead.

Every 3 years, the families exhume their dead relatives from their graves and throw them a party of sorts. The dead are washed and dressed in new clothes, while the coffins are repaired to prevent them their bodies from decomposing. This is just intriguing!

Dubbed “The Ceremony of Cleaning The Corpses,” this tradition has always been of particular interest, and it’s now drawn the attention of all people from across the globe in the last few weeks. People are now interested in knowing more about this practice of the Suawesi tribe. They call the special festivals the “Ma’nene.”

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