Zookeeper Cries When His Elephant Friend Gets Freed From Circus Life… A Must Watch!

In the animal world, there is an award that is called The Urban Elephant. This account was founded for an elephant by the name of Shirley and her caretaker named Solomon. When finally Shirley was rescued from the circus life that she had led for more than 20 years, she was taken to a zoo in Louisiana so that she would get to live with other herds of elephants.

When she used to be at the circus, Solomon was the one who took care of her, and the two became inseparable buddies. All these 20 years, Solomon had understood Shirley’s seclusion in the isolated area away from other elephants. Because of that, Solomon used to dedicate most of his time in soothing her, hoping that one day Shirley would become a free elephant together with the others.

Finally, the lucky day came when Shirley was granted the freedom to be moved from the circus in the zoo to the Elephant Sanctuary. At her new place of residence, she was able to move freely and relax in the hundreds of acres of land. The clip below shows how this caretaker took his time and went to the Elephant Sanctuary with Shirley to help her cope with the new place. It was hard for Solomon to see his friend of more than 20 years part ways with him. He practically shed tears when he was bathing her for the last time. Even though emotionally stricken, deep inside he was happy because he knew that she would finally have a free life.

Watch the clip below to see how Shirley gets reunited with other elephants once again and the amazing way she reacts. Please SHARE this story with all your friends on Facebook!

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